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As a leading automation testing company we understand the need for holistic automation testing services, rather than applying automation from a standard perception, since doing so limits the effects. Our experience and expertise driven framework for automation testing services, allow clients to opt for open source tools, which in turn keeps costs down and allows for developing scripts for windows, web and mobile applications.

Implementing a robust automation testing solution is no mean task and proves challenging for many companies – our dynamic and highly experienced team is amongst the top in automation testing services. With holistic focus on your business, we strategically design test processes, set up robust automated scripts, create QA automation framework and run test scripts for consistent and reliable coverage overall.


Human mistakes, lengthy rework and delayed software releases are common challenges in manual testing. Wise automated testing successfully meets these challenges and offers additional advantages:

Improved test coverage

Automated testing improves test coverage for large data intensive applications.

Reduced time to market

Quality test automation reduces testing time and efforts from days to hours. Moreover, it provides for parallel testing, when the scripts are run on multiple devices, platforms, OSes and/or browsers simultaneously. As a result, project teams can deliver a better quality product faster.

Reduced costs

In a range of situations (long-term projects, data-intensive application, and more), automated testing gives more efficient results than manual testing in terms of costs.


OmicronLogic Automation Framework

OmicronLogic solution includes proprietary and open source tools along with automation professionals who work intimately with clients to understand the specific pain-points and then create a tailored automation solution.


High coverage

Though we rely on feasibility study, we always aim to reach automation coverage you set (up to 80%).

Seamless integration

We make automated tests an integral part of your continuous delivery system and build the automation process.

Broad scope

We develop scripts for both regression testing and new functionality.

Efficient communication

We openly communicate with your BAs, developers and manual testers to fully understand your requirements and priorities and ensure a comprehensive automated testing process.

Training options

We offer training for your testing team to ensure automated test support throughout the project lifecycle.


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